Single Mom for Mother's Day

Dear Single Mom on Mother’s Day,

I have so much I want to tell you.  In fact I have written, erased, re-written, and erased this a few times because I know what it is like to be a single mom and I have SO MUCH I need you to know, that I can’t decide what to say.  Single mom hood has a way of turning a lady into a freaking warrior.

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Jamie Landers
All the give up.

When you are just growing tired in doing what is right…

It’s not working. 😡
I’m choosing to love but they’re not changing. 
I give my all at work but they don’t notice. 
I’m praying for and serving my kids and they’re still mini-hot-messes. 
I’ve chosen to forgive but the feelings of anger and hurt are still there. 

I hear you. I do. However, there’s a bigger truth than what you’re seeing. 

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Jamie Landers